Sunday, July 31, 2011


I was up on a mountain with very special person on Sabbath afternoon. It was about 15 minutes hike up but it is amazing how much you can go up high with only 15 minutes. I would have taken a picture to show you how high we have gone up but I had my 80-200mm on instead of 11-16mm so I couldn't get a good shot of the view. But trust me, we were pretty high up. I could see the valley miles across.

There were actually quiet of few people up there and I saw these two boys arriving to our place. I've noticed that it was just two of them, no parents. They didn't talk to each other while they were up there, but they just sat down on huge rock and gaze at the incredible view that was before them. Suddenly, one of them took out a camera from his pocket and took a picture of the other kid that was with him. He took couple pictures after that and put it back in his pocket right away.
This caught me a surprise.

I would think, if he has this great view in front of him that he won't usually be able to see, then he should take a picture of this great view. But instead, this kid took a picture of his dear friend. Well obviously, to my surprise, he values his friend more than the incredible view.

What do you value the most? or let me ask you this way, where do you place your greatest value in life?

Does your greatest value lies on money? House? Car?

Or is it to obtain people's respect? fame? wealth or success?

You know, it's so easy to get caught up in life. It's so easy to get distracted by worldly things. Often we try so hard to obtain success in life that we even sacrifice relationships with other human beings.

Dear Fathers. It's your duty to support your family and work as hard as you can to keep the money flow into your family but that isn't what you should place your greatest value on.

Dear Mothers. You are  absolute necessary in order for your child to grow up and making sure that your kids will have good education and not be ashamed for the society but that shouldn't be the biggest picture in your mind.

Dear friends. It's good to have your own ambition. It's good to dream big. It's good to accomplish the goals you set in your life. But that shouldn't be your absolute life.

Look at the people around you.
Do you have at least one person that you love?
Love them and never let go.

Humans are the most beautiful thing that God ever created. It's not billion dollars or anything that this world can offer.
So why not take a snapshot of the most beautiful thing that God ever created?

I want to dedicate this to my Mother who never forgets to love me and my only sister even in the hardest time of her life that she would've not experienced if it wasn't for us.
And Dad, if you are reading this, don't worry, I know you love us as much as mom loves us. :)


  1. Wow--Ryo--thanks for posting these comments on values. Good for us to review from time to time.
    God bless.

  2. This made me realized something very important. Thanks for posting this. May God Continue to Bless your life.